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Once a year Subtopia publishes a magazine where you can read about our wonderfully multifaceted cluster

Photo Subtopia

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The first issue of Magazine Subtopia was published in 2008. The content varies from debates about innovation, new gras roots media network to circus and graffiti. The 8:th and 9:th issue of Magazine Subtopia is bilingual – Swedish and English. You can download them below.

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Jubileumsnummer av Magasin Subtopia

#10 2017. Design studio YMPA (Andrejs Ljunggren & Iwa Herdensjö), photographer Tekla Evelina Severin, Illustrations Iwa Herdensjö. On the cover Emma Simu, graffiti artist (Emmilou).



#9 2016. Design Studio Daniela Juvall, photo Saga Berlin. On the cover Wes Peden and Manne af Klintberg.


#8 2015. Design Banker/Wessel, photo Magnus Åström. On the cover Nikeisha Andersson.