The successful Canadian circus company Cirque Alfonse returns to Hangaren with their new circus performance Tabarnak. A circus fiesta with live music, humor and lots of energy. 27 of Dec 2019 - 6 of Jan 2020 Photo Nicolas Descoteaux

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A generous, hearty circus show all round! The successful Canadian company Cirque Alfonse has returned!

For their most recent show, Tabarnak, Cirque Alfonse has taken inspiration from the small village church that was the gathering place in the small Québec community where they grew up. It is an invitation to come together in celebration of Heaven, Hell, and all things in between.

This is the second performance of Cirque Alfonse at Hangaren. In 2015, they had a hit with their show Timber!, which, much like Tabarnak, offered the audience a dose of energetic circus, contagious joyfulness, and live music, all with a distinct touch of Cirque Alfonse’s unique style.

Tabarnak is Cirque Alfonse’s interpretation of the sacred and the profane. An unbridled high mass, and a contemporary interpretation of the church as a symbolic place. The word tabarnak is a Quebecois expletive (which also happens to mean “tabernacle”), which was at one time a call to arms against the powers that be, but has since become an everyday exclamation of pain, anger, or surprise.        

Cirque Alfonse head off on an unruly, poetic crossroads. This is lively musical circus, where the organ riffs off of the traditional music, and the acrobatic performances blow people off of their pews. In short, it’s a generous, hearty circus party!

About the Company

Cirque Alfonse was founded in 2005, and their first show, La Brunante, premiered in 2006. That show laid the groundwork for their huge success Timber!, which was also performed on Subtopia’s Hangaren stage in 2015. The performers of Cirque Alfonse have worked for several famous circus companies, such as the Montreal-based companies Les 7 doigts de la main and Cirque du Soleil, and Cirkus Cirkör here in Sweden. This courageous, creative group of performers have embarked on a previously unexplored artistic path, which sees them blend a variety of circus techniques with the folklore of Quebec.




The tour with Tabarnak is possible thanks to financial support from Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts.