Studio Barbarella

The studio's goal is to inspire and coach youths in Botkyrka who are interested in music.

Studio Barbarella is a non-profit organisation that emerged when a group of older hip-hop artists, including Dogge Doggelito, got together to do something for the youth of Botkyrka.

Barbarella operates as a sort of nursery for future hip-hop artists, rappers, singers, songwriters and producers from the local area. The studio gives youth an opportunity to test and record their first demo track and to get long-term coaching. Studio Barabarella has a producer and coach who works with the young musicians who come into the studio. He helps them develop their talent, experiment with new approaches and look at the entire creative process from idea to finished track.

The purpose of Studio Barbarella is to give young people an alternative, a “free zone”, i.e. the music. To show them a different path, the path of creativity, steering them clear of the path of destruction, drugs and crime.