Studio 3

This studio is used for production rehearsals, business events and shooting of TV-commercial, music videos and film.

Studio 3

149 people
388 sqm
  • Accessibility
  • Wi-Fi
  • WC
  • Shower
  • Pentry

Important Information!
Due to the current situation with Covid-19, the maximum allowance in this room has been temporarily reduced.

About the venue

Studio 3 is a space made for both television and advertising shoots as well as for circus and theatre rehearsals. The space has also been used as a set design workshop. Studio 3 has a kitchenette, HWC and shower.

Some of the work Studio 3 has been used for

Joe Labero / Folkoperan / Morgan Alling / Henrik Dorsin / Julgalan / Folkoperan / Funck Beskow Produktion AB / Kvinnohistoriskt museum i Umeå / Videomaskinen / Stockholms stadsteater / Auto Boys. / Weekday / Swedish Dance Music / Svansjön (Blixten & Co.)

All renters and collaboration partners basic values has to correspond with Subtopia’s basic values. Read more here.


Often used for
Studio / Tv and movies / Commercials / Musikvideo / Production rehearsals / Corporate events / Scenography and decor
From previous productions
Floor plans from previous productions
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Kerstin Fagervall

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