Subtopia's heart is the restaurant. Here you can enjoy a wonderful lunch, but also book catering or just sit and work with a good cup of coffee.

Folkes Subtopia – restaurang & catering



Lunch buffet week 41

The buffet dishes of the day for SEK 109 incl. Salad buffet (dips and sauces, pickled vegetables and foody salads) freshly baked bread and coffee.

Indian daahl with cauliflower, lentils and potatoes
Drumstick fillet of Swedish chicken with caesar potato, romaine salad and croutons

Truffle stewed pointed cabbage with bacon from Swedish farm pig
Polenta baked paprika with herbs and tomato

Baked cauliflower with hazelnuts and browned butter
Scanian beef stew with carrot, served with beets and potatoes

Jerusalem artichoke soup with pancakes, cream and apple juice
Poached saith fillet with gingerbread and potatoes

Fish and chips with mushy peas and tartar sauce
Pulled oumph with corn tortilla, jalapenos and plant based yogurt


Folke’s Hummus (always served with Turkish pickles and pita)
Hummus Masabacha with whole chickpeas
Hummus Matbukha – tomato sauce with eggs

Folke’s salads
Smoked salmon salad with a variety of accessories
We can also fix you up a vegan salad!


Since we strive for sustainable cooking we can sometimes conjure up dishes from day to day, if you want to keep up to date – please follow us on instagram: @folkes_subtopia.


Folkes Subtopia – restaurant & catering

By Subtopia’s entrance you will find Folkes, our restaurant, the perfect spot for both business lunches and cozy fika (that’s Swedish for coffee and small bite). At Folkes, cooking from scratch is elementary. They follow the flavour of the season and are constantly exploring their culinary surroundings. Folkes also have a strong focus on sustainability, constantly working for more greener options.

“We have run a restaurant and conference facility since 2011, focusing on personal care and cooking from start to finish. With our backgrounds in the events, restaurant and culture industries, we have created and developed a meeting place in the center of Huddinge. We follow the seasonal flavours and constantly explore our culinary world while maintaining a focus on sustainability, working for more green alternatives. Now we look forward to broadening our horizons and getting to know Alby and Subtopia!”  The team at Folkes