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The ninth edition of the Subtopia Magazine is out! Read about grass root media, circus artists, culture & economy, graffiti, dance for equality, Bollywood-opera and more

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The ninth edition of the Subtopia Magazine is out! This year’s theme is “The Power of Here”. This his is how Karin Lekberg, head of Subtopia, describes it in her editorial:

”A dinner, shared laughs, presence, eye contact – meetings in shared spaces, or common spaces, strengthen our sense of belonging. The city has to be that kind of space, a space which invites us to participate, and which allows us to meet across social and cultural borders.”

In Subtopia Magazine 9 you will meet, amongst others, the clown Manne af Klintberg, the juggler Wes Peden, the actress and circus artist Angela Wand and the dancer Ahmad Al Omaris. You will find out more about the network for grass root media “Sveriges Röster”, what a djinn is and what culture means to Lars Strannegård, the president of the Stockholm School of Economics.  Shora Dehnavi, Ziggy and Puppet talks about open walls for graffiti and Coocoolo about their creative app for children. And more!

Studio Daniel Juvall has designed Subtopia Magazine nb 9 and the photos are taken by Saga Berlin. It is bilingual in Swedish and English owing to support from The European Cultural Foundation. The magazine is free of charge and you will find it in the Stockholm area. You can also download it as a pdf here to your right.