Mad in Finland at CirkusMania

Filled with humor and gripping acrobatics. 15th and 16th of February 2020
Photo Klara G.

Mad in Finland at Subtopia

Seven Finnish circus artists touring the world got homesick and created Mad in Finland – a humorous, loving play on the image of the wood chopping, sauna bathing sports lover with the Nokia phone pressed to the ear. Finnish clichés mixed with circus, humor and live music. The result is crazy, fun and beautiful!

Mad in Finland is produced by Collectif Mad and the French company Galapiat Cirque, founded in 2006 at the Center National des Arts du Cirque in Châlons-en-Champagne. The show premiered in 2012 and has since toured extensively.


Finnish and English (not needed to understand the performance)

Performers on stage
Milla Lahtinen (swing steps, vocals and claves)
Mirja Jauhiainen (traps, bass, cello, vocals)
Jenni Kallo (clown, drums and vocals)
Nelli Kujansivu (photo juggling, drums and vocals)
Viivi Roiha (rope and vocals)
Ulla Tikka (string, guitar and vocals)
Teija Sotikoff (flute and song)

Co-creators (artists)
Elice Abonce Muhonen
Stina Kopra
Heini Koskinen
Sanja Kosonen

Production team
Remy Sciuto (music consultation)
Luc Mainaud (production manager and stage)
Gautier Gravelle (Lighting Design)
Mathias Lejosne (audio editor)
L’Avant Courrier – Anne Heuveline (tour guide)
Yvain Lemattre (producer)

With the support of
Arts Council of Finland, La Comédie de Caen, Center Dramatique National de Normandie, La Brèche, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque, Cherbourg Octeville.

The performances at Subtopia are presented with the support of the Finnish Institute and the French Institute.