The Team Generator

Teamgeneratorn (The Team Generator in English) is a tool for collaboration between micro enterprises (0-4 employees). Its purpose is to help effective collaboration across industry boundaries with the aim of increasing competitiveness and innovation for the parties involved.

By forming well-functioning teams where different knowledge, skills, and experiences come together, team members can help each other handle a wider range of challenges. Old problems can have new solutions. Ideas that were previously difficult or impossible to realise can be implemented together.

In the spring of 2021 an inventory of the needs of a wide range of industries in the Stockholm region will be carried out. After that, a pilot version of the first Teamgeneratorn will be launched, starting in August and finishing in December. Up to 20 companies will be divided into teams where needs are matched with competence. Training and coaching in leadership, group development, and effective collaboration, will be provided, along with additional support based on the needs identified during the inventory.

The feasibility study is carried out by Subtopia’s incubator Katapult in collaboration with Lucida AB, with the support of Tillväxtverket.

Martin Q Larsson