Creative Insight as a Service

Branschöverskridande pilotstudie där konstnärer placeras på ett företag för att bidra med kreativ kompetens.

Cross-sectoral pilot study in the Baltic Sea region

Professionals in the cultural and creative industries have creative skills that can lead to innovation in encounters with other industries. At the moment, we are working on the Creative Insights as a Service project, which aims to take advantage of these skills.

Creative Insights as a Service is a cross innovation project in the Baltic Sea region. The project is being led by Subtopia in partnership with Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC) in Latvia and Fabryka Sztuki in Poland.

What the pilot study involves

For two months, two artists will be placed in two different companies in Sweden and Latvia or Poland. The first step is for the company in question to identify a problem area where they need a creative perspective. The company is then matched with an artist. In the next phase, the artist is introduced to the problem area and starts an investigation to collect more information. The investigative work serves to underpin and inspire the artist’s future work. A final seminar is arranged for the artist to present the results of their work to the company. Future collaboration is also planned at the final seminar.

Partners and project funding

Creative Insights as a Service is led by Subtopia and carried out in partnership with Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC) and Fabryka Sztuki. Read more about the project on NDPC’s website.

This project is funded by the Swedish Institute.

Martin Q Larsson