CirkusMania - Stockholm´s new circus festival. The idea of CirkusMania is that artistic companies, venues and other programming organisations sign up performances or other circus related events, which altogether constitute a festival program.

CirkusMania, Stockholm’s new circus festival

The next CirkusMania festival will take place 12-21 of February 2021. All venues and artists interested in participating are invited to sign up during the open call period May to October, 2020. If you have ideas you want to discuss with the CirkusMania team, you are welcome to contact us at

Read more about 2020 years edition of the festival here:

About CirkusMania

Stockholm’s circus sphere has evolved at lightning speed in recent decades. Botkyrka municipality’s investment into the circus arts has made the region internationally known as one of the world’s most exciting circus hubs, mentioned in the same breath as Montreal, Toulouse and Barcelona. Today, Stockholm University of the Arts is a central place for driving the field’s artistic development forward, with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in circus. Since the beginning of this millennium, hundreds of circus artists have grown out of Botkyrka and Stockholm’s fertile intercultural circus soil to then blossom and meet their audience – often abroad.

In February 2019, Subtopia proudly introduced CirkusMania, with the intention for it to become the Stockholm region’s annually recurring circus festival. In it’s second edition in February 2020, the audience, from north to inner city to south end, could, on a broad scale, meet the diverse circus which has been sprouting just around the corner! And with some extra elements from other places to spice up the salsa. Venues and cultural centres from Alby to Täby and beyond joined forces in a display of how exciting and varied contemporary circus really is. We presented performances for all ages, tastes and proclivities, packed up into a week with no less than 56 opportunities to experience the circus arts at 23 different venues across 11 municipalities!

In short: It’s pure CirkusMania.

CirkusMania is communicated and coordinated by Subtopia. With the support of Region Stockholm and Swedish Arts Council.