CircusNext+ is a program aimed at developing competence in both artists and organizers in an international setting.

CircusNext+ Competence Development for Artists & Organizers

CircusNext+ is a 2-year program run by Subtopia together with five other European circus organizations.

The program aims to, in an internaational setting, develop competence in both artists as well as organizers. For young circus artists, it is often challenging to be artists and project managers at the same time. You work with your first own artistic projects, and you are not established in grant schemes or have a relationship with organizers. Organizers, in turn, need to develop their awareness and skills in supporting these young creators. 

Within the two-year framework of the program, there are workshops for both organizers and artists, together, as well as, separately, on these issues, and from the respective perspectives. One goal is to create long-term relationships between participating artists and organizers, in a common desire to learn from each other. 

Following a call, a circus company from each partner country has been selected for the program. From Sweden, it is the circus company Below Zero. The artists participate in collective workshops with companies from other countries, and in the development residence with their own teams, where they work on both their artistic processes and their project management with the support of mentors and producers. The organizers from the partner organizations participate in certain workshops with the artists, but also have their own training weeks with organizers from other countries.

A researcher continually evaluates and documents the program’s process and results.
The report will be available to the public.

CircusNext + is a collaboration between Subtopia in Sweden, Cirqueon in the Czech Republic, Latitude 50 in Belgium, La Central del Circ in Barcelona and La Grainerie in Toulouse. The project is coordinated by the Circus Next headquarters in Paris, and with financial support from Erasmus+.