The Graffiti Art Society

Graffiti Promotion's goal is to be society's body of knowledge when it comes to street art and graffiti. Therefore they work with supporting graffiti artists, debate about graffiti and street art in media and lobby for Swedish towns to introduce open graffiti walls.

The Society for promotion of graffiti works to enhance the status of graffiti as a legitimate form of artistic expression. They also work to promote awareness of graffiti, street art, and related forms of expression locally, throughout Sweden and internationally.

They work to create points of interaction between artists and the public. One example is lobbying Swedish towns to create open walls. Open walls are surfaces where every citizen has the right to write, draw and paint whatever they want, within the bounds of legitimate freedom of expression. Graffitifrämjandet is also working to encourage Swedish towns to develop a tolerance policy recognising graffiti and street art as perfectly natural elements welcome within the urban setting.

In practical terms, Graffitifrämjandet helps graffiti artists by providing advice on how to lobby the city to implement an open wall. They take part in the media and public policy debate about graffiti and street art, and seek to fill the knowledge gap about these art forms. Graffitifrämjandet is meant to act as an umbrella organisation for everyone interested in graffiti in any part of Sweden, and as a forum for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and opinion.

GF is a membership organisation. As a member, you will get 10% off any purchase at Highlights, plus the ability to influence not only Graffitifrämjandet but also the ability to influence Riksteatern (since we are a Riksteater association). Membership costs 120 SEK/year for adults and 50 SEK/year for youth under age 25.