Subtopia has a growing outdoor art gallery with artists from all over the world!

Photo ETC

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Art in Subtopia

In Subtopia you will find a growing outdoor gallery with artists from all over the world. ROA, Pablo Delgado, Sadia Hussein and ALIAS are some of the artist we have had the honour to receive artworks from. Download our Guided Walk – The Subtopia Outdoor Gallery.

In the Subtopia main foyer, close to the Subtopia Restaurant, we have an indoor gallery. If you want to know what art we display there visit our calendar.

Are you interested in showing art or photography in our indoor gallery?

Contact, Urban Art

If you want to read more about urban art in Subtopia and our two open walls for art go to this page.


ROA paints at Subtopia 2011. Photo ETC


Crossie paints at Subtopia 2014. Photo Anthony Hill


SIT paints at Subtopia 2013. Photo Subtopia