Subtopia is an art center with a unique character. Visit us to paint on two open graffiti walls, to discover a growing outdoor gallery with artists from all over the world, or an indoor gallery where we have different exhibitions several times a year, and more...

Work by SIT
Photo: Luca Garuski

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Art at Subtopia

Subtopia has a growing outdoor gallery with work by artists from all over the world. ROA, Pablo Delgado, Saadia Hussain and ALIAS are some of the artists that have graced us with their work. Download a map and guide at: Guided Walk – The Subtopia Outdoor Gallery.

For those of you wanting to practice or try out new pieces, Subtopia provides two open art walls (see below).

In Subtopia’s main foyer, next to the restaurant you will also find an indoor gallery where we show around ten exhibitions a year. To see what is showing right now visit our calendar.

Are you interested in exhibiting art or photography in our indoor gallery? Please find the contact information below.

Contact for Urban Art

Read more about our work with urban art, and our two open walls,  here.


Work by artist Julia Rio. Foto: Luca Garuski