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Apart from lunch, Restaurant Subtopia always serves breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, salads and coffee with cookies

Photo Björn Babba Callius

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Apart from the menu below the Subtopia Restaurant have a new lunch menu every day. Welcome!

Breakfast Sandwiches (20 – 34 SEK)
Cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomato and cucumber
Cheese and ham sandwich with lettuce, tomato and cucumber
Cheese and turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato and cucumber
Sandwich with Serrano ham, mozzarella, tomato, lettuce and basil

Breakfast Offer: small sandwich with coffee or tea 30 SEK

Lunch sandwich (45 – 58 SEK)
Club sandwich with chicken fillet, bacon, red onion, tomato, lettuce and Caesar dressing
Sandwich with hand-peeled shrimps, Västerbotten cheese, tomato, lettuce and cucumber
Vegan sandwich with artichoke, toasted vegetables, arugula and tomato-pesto

Lunch salad
Subtopias Ceasar salad with chicken, bacon, croutons, fermented red onion, Caesar dressing and Parmesan cheese 105 SEK
Shrimp salad with egg, avocado, lemon, bulgur, cocktail tomato, dill cream, fennel and radish Crudité 115 SEK

Chocolate ball 15 SEK
Soft cakes (ex. carrot cake, zucchini cake or brownie) 20 SEK

Coffee or tea 15 SEK
Soda can 15 SEK
Soda bottle 20 SEK