D.I.T. Subtopia has an extensive experience in working with youth and culture. We can support and inspire with our knowledge in project and process leading, with workshops and lectures. All our services can be adapted to your needs!

Photo Alex Hinchcliffe

Project and Process Management

Consulting, inspiration and tools for succeeding in managing a culture project with youth from start to finish. What functions do the project need? How should you prioritise? How much should the participating youth decide them self? What is a reasonable cost? With extensive experience of managing youth projects D.I.T. has the keys to understanding the “how, what and why”.


Inspiration workshops or as a part of a lager project. D.I.T. arranges workshops for children and youth (and adults if you wish) in different dance styles, drawing, theatre, make up for stage, light and sound for stage, scenography, DJing and more. One important aim with our workshops is to challenge the participants to try something new. We always make sure that everyone can join no matter what prior knowledge they have.


Leadership-tango – interaction and process leading in practise.

How and why? To co-create a culture project with young people.

Untamed, brave and empathic. With culture as a tool the D.I.T. Subtopia method strengthens and develops the potential within young people.

D.I.T Pop Up

D.I.T. Subtopia in a miniature format. We pack workshops, crafts, karaoke or other suitable activities and head for festivals, jubilees, street party and other places that would like a fun and slightly challenging happening.