Youth culture: D.I.T.

D.I.T. stands for Do It Together and it is the youth culture branch of Subtopia

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D.I.T. stands for Do It Together, and is Subtopia’s creative programme for young people. D.I.T. is for everyone who want to create and implement projects, try new things or just have fun together.
Check out our event kalender and Facebook page for new about workshops, shows and projects you can involve in. Please contact us if you have an idea you want to realise.



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Examples of what D.I.T. does



Drömdeg (Dream Dough) is the municipal of Botkyrka’s support program for young people, age 13-25, who has a dream project.
Drömdeg includes economical support and help from D.I.T.’s Dream Coach.
The idea has to be conducted in the municipal of Botkyrka. Schools and associations can not apply for Drömdeg.

Webpage for Drömdeg:



Workshops is something D.I.T. arrange several times a year, often together with others. We have had a hip hop week, summer courses, theatre workshop, think tank and dance workshops.

Fusion AGK

Fusion AGK was a joint project with two elementary schools in our neighbourhood, Kvarnhagsskolan och Alhagsskolan. Students met once a week to create a show involving dance and music that where performed before the whole of Alby at the end of the term. The aim is to lay the foundations of companionship in the local area and to create networks that young people can draw on as they grow older.



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Avtryck was a project conducted in collaboration with ABF Gästriksbygden. 15 young people from Ljusne, Norrsundet, Hofors and Botkyrka collaborated with a director, a playwright and a choreographer to create a dance theatre performance about their place in the world.
A common feature of industrial towns and suburbs is that they are located at some distance from the city centre. Some are stigmatised as unruly, or as depopulated. How do young people who live in such communities on the periphery think about their place in the world, themselves and their futures? This was the theme of the work done by Avtryck.

Rei Botkyrka

Rei Botkyrka is a martial arts club that started at D.I.T. and eventually became strong enough to go it alone. Currently ReiBotkyrka has about 150 active and successful martial arts practitioners as its members, primarily in taekwondo. The aim is more than just training. Major emphasis is placed on respecting one another and on creating a safe place for young people in the local area.


Foto Linn Hedesström Blad

D.I.T. own video gallery can be found here!


Cesar Fulgencio
Operations Manager D.I.T.
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