Incubator: Klump

Klump is an incubator and a workspace for innovation and ideas

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Culture incubator & workspace for innovation and ideas

Klump is an incubator and a workspace for innovation and ideas. It is a space where entrepreneurs develop their visions into viable companies in the cultural and creative industries. Klump offers coaching, an affirmative environment and a flexible office.

In Klump small, developing companies can rent a workplace with everything you would expect: printers, coffee, a cafeteria, Internet connection, conference rooms and above all colleagues who are in the same situation. In addition to professional support, the coffee break brainstorming is an important part of growing and developing as an entrepreneur and business owner.

When you come up with an idea or a business concept and present it to Klump, we do not determine whether or not your business idea is viable. If YOU believe in your idea and think that Klump is the right place to develop it, we will support you in your pursuit.

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We have written a book  where we give an account of our thoughts and actions in creating Klump. It is called Klumpology – How a Culture Incubator Works. You can download it here.

Subtopia and Botkyrka

Klump is part of Subtopia and is founded on the same vision – to make the world a little bit better. Klump is also part of Botkyrka’s experience initiative, a strategy for stimulating creativity and entrepreneurship. By lending its support to Klump, the municipality of Botkyrka wants to make the municipality a place whose residents are able to develop sustainable companies in the cultural and creative industries, as well as socially motivated companies. Klump’s long-term objective is to contribute to economic, social and artistic growth, both locally and regionally.