Film community

Subtopia develops a film community and offers studios up to 2150 square metres

Photo Ludvig Duregård

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Photo Alex Hinchcliffe

Film can have a variety of purposes – it can be art, entertainment, information, or advertising. It can also be a hobby, a job, an industry and a way to document the world around you. Film is all this and much more at Subtopia.

Since Subtopia started working with film and media as one of our primary focuses, our ambition has been to develop good conditions for everyone working in the industry. This can include everything from supporting business development to micro-financing, talent development,  accommodation, studios, training programs, jobs and a venue for screening cinematic work. Fanzingo and Filmbasen are two players in this space offering many of these functions. Another important aspect of the film village is that Subtopia has film and TV studios ranging from 125 square metres all the way to Hangaren Subtopia’s whopping 2,150 square metres. Se all studios here.

Subtopia’s vision is to be a place where professionals work side by side with fresh talent. We are convinced that tomorrow’s ideas are needed for the film and media industry to develop and that these ideas will thrive in direct proximity to the industry.