Subtopia introduces a new concept and experiment: parallell with the circus showcase Subcase we coordinate a Nordic circus festival in the Stockholm region 9-17 February 2019.
Now we call for venues and circus companies to sign up performances.
Photo Einar Kling-Odencrants

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Since 2009 the Nordic circus showcase Subcase has taken place annually, produced by Subtopia. The showcase has with time become an appreciated meeting place for Nordic circus, each year attracting the international circus sector to Botkyrka in Sweden.

In Stockholm there is a growing audience for circus, but no circus festival. Subcase, which is a closed event, has for this reason started to open up some evening performances also for audience in collaboration with local venues. In recent years however a wish has been expressed for more artists to be able to present performances in connection to Subcase, and for programmers to be able to see more than what Subcase can offer within its frame.

Subtopia therefore introduces a new concept and experiment: to parallell with Subcase coordinate a Nordic circus week in the Stockholm region 9-17 February 2019 under the umbrella of CirkusMania.

We asked ourselves: How could a festival be self-organised but still co-communicated? The idea of CirkusMania is that artistic companies, venues and other programming organisations sign up for the festival program. No selection or curation is made; all performances that fulfill certain criteria can take part. The target audience of CirkusMania is audience in the Stockholm region – and the program is also communicated to the participants at Subcase.

Participating venues, artists and programming organisations are themselves responsible on organisational, economical and technical levels for that their signed up program is executed. Venues and organisations that present program pay the artists a fee or shared ticket income – or if artistic companies organise a venue themselves, then they keep the ticket income. CirkusMania offers no fee, and claims no ticket income. There is no fee to take part in CirkusMania.

The CirkusMania umbrella offers:
– Overall marketing to the audience in the Stockholm region in several ways (CirkusMania website, printed program to be spread in the region, advertising, PR, possibly some audience work when needed and according to agreements)
– Marketing to Subcase participants (Subcase website, participation in the printed Subcase program folder, digital newsletters, social media)
– During the open call time period, access to updated info on what other program has signed up, when and where.
– Info to CirkusMania´s audience and to the Subcase participants on how to get tickets to the performances. Participating venues use their own ticket systems for sales.
– Artistic companies in CirkusMania can obtain an Exhibition Badge for Subcase to a cost of 1000 SEK (100 EURO) incl VAT. In the badge is included a table in the Exhibition Space and access to all evening parties and mingles. However tickets to performances and other program at Subcase is not included.

Criteria that must be fulfilled for performances to be included under the CirkusMania umbrella.
– Only full length performances (not work in progress, not seminars or presentations, not parties aso)
– The performance can be categorized under the headline ”Circus”
– Nordic (the artistic company must be based in Norden or the Baltic countries)
– The performance must be public
– It must be performed in a venue or space that can welcome the public/audience
– The time of the performance must not collide with the times of Subcase program (see below)
– No amateur or student performances
– The performance must be in line with the formulated values of Subtopia.
If it is wished that Subcase participants see the performance, we recommend that tickets are kept reserved for this purpose and that a special price is offered – this is however volountary.

CirkusMania program can be signed up for these times:
Saturday 9 February – Anytime
Sunday 10 February – Anytime
Monday 11 February – Anytime
Tuesday 12 February – From 21.00
Wednesday 13 February – From 21.00
Thursday 14 February – From 18.00
Friday 15 February – From 18.00
Saturday 16 February – Anytime
Sunday 17 February – Anytime
Program that signs up for other times, and therefor collides with Subcase, will not be included in CirkusMania.

Deadline to sign up performances for CirkusMania is 15 October 2018.
Sign up here.
Only performances that already have a venue or performing space, defined date and hour, and that send in all required info will be included in CirkusMania.

CirkusMania is communicated and coordinated by Subtopia.
Coordinating producer and contact: Louise Ideberg.
Question can be asked to

Guide to Cirkusmania: