Chipmunk Forge

Contemporary circus company Chipmunk Forge's goal is to challenge normative ideas of femininity. In their performances they combine sharp circus technique with inappropriate behavior which causes mysterious visual effects.

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Chipmunk Forge is a contemporary circus troupe founded in 2010 by Lisa Angberg and Klara Mossberg, two stubborn girls raised deep in the forests of Sweden. Lisa and Klara began working together because of their shared love of detail and absurd ideas, and their desire to challenge traditional notions of femininity through the medium of acrobatics. They have worked on several brief projects around Europe. “Phågel – the best Cat and Bird show ever” was the troop’s first full-length show, presented at various venues in Finland.

With a combination of expert circus technique and inappropriate behaviour, Chipmunk Forge has created its own brand of performing art that delivers smart and quirky images that leave the audience positively baffled.