Celso Y Frana

With their circus company EIA Celso Pereira and Francesca Lissia present an emotional acrobatic language. The company has toured all over Europe with their latest show CAPAS and in 2015 their next performance ESPERA will premiere.

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Celso Pereira and Francesca Lissia got to know each other in 2004 while studying couple’s acrobatics at the Circus School Carampa (Madrid). They enrolled at the Stockholm University of Dance and Circus (DOCH) together before moving on to Subtopia, where they developed a joint artistic vision.

During the time Celso and Francesca have been working together, they have formulated a shared acrobatic language that endeavours to bring them closer to the emotions of the audience.

They began their professional career by taking the show “Here begins the story” on tour, which was also their thesis project at DOCH.

In 2011, they launched their circus troupe, EIA. Its first show, “CAPAS”, is touring all over Europe, while their second show “ESPERA” will premiere in 2015.