The idea with Boodla's work is to create areas for cultivation that work as both kitchen gardens and playgrounds. By letting kids and youths cultivate ecologically they learn to contribute to their surroundings. Boodla also welcomes adults.

Photo Viktor Wallström

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Boodla plants gardens, working with children and young people. The group’s gardens are a cross between vegetable gardens and playgrounds of discovery. The aim is to foster children’s ability to participate in the shaping of their surroundings and to get to know one another while growing their own vegetables. All generations are welcome, but we cater actively to children in the local area, schools, youth clubs, and adults who want to grow vegetables in their spare time. Boodla’s gardens are all organic.

Boodla caters to children in the local area, schools, youth clubs , and individuals who want to grow vegetables in their spare time, Boodla also caters to those not currently participating in the labour market who need work experience and something to do.

We spend the growing season out in the garden. When winter comes, we go indoors to play and work on other exciting projects. We also plan to conduct advanced courses on topics that participants have expressed an interest in learning more about. Boodla wants to serve as a partner and platform for others who wish to start urban gardens, both locally and nationally.

Boodla is a part of the incubator KLUMP Subtopia.