Subtopia has been selected by the European Cultural Foundation as one of six hubs in Europe working with culture as a tool for democracy

Photo: Klara G

Subtopia was selected as one of six hubs in Europe working with culture as a tool for democracy. It is the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) who initiated the project with the aim to highlight culture as an important for democracy and also engender exchange between the six European hubs:

Platoniq Goteo, Barcelona, Spain
Krytyka Polityczna, Warszawa, Poland
Culture 2 Commons, Zagreb, Croatia
Oberliht, Chisinau, Moldavia
Les Têtes de l´ Art, Marseille, France
Subtopia, Botkyrka, Sweden


The project transformed into the action-research programme and network Connected Action for the Commons. The six cultural organisations from across Europe and the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) worked on topics such as the Commons, Public Space, Culture and Economy as a group and in their independent, diverse activities.

As a part of the project ECF, together with the hubs, arranges Idea Camps, a conference and work method where 50 participants from all over Europe work together with their individual ideas. The first Idea Camp was held at Subtopia, read more about that in the menu to the right.

In the spring of 2017 the projected ended but Subtopia are continuing the collaboration with several of the other hubs.