About Subtopia

Subtopia is a spacious suburban paradise in Botkyrka, Sweden. We fill our 15 000 sqm with contemporary circus, film studios, urban art, dance, music and more

Photo: Klara G

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South of Stockholm, in Botkyrka municipality, you find the creative cluster, Subtopia. This is where artists, film producers, circus companies, NGOs, bands and other creative people follow their dreams and try to make the world a little better.

Subtopia houses around 80 organizations, companies, and educational institutions, and 200 people come to work here every day. Subtopia is the hub in this network of people and ideas. We serve as a platform where organizations and individuals get the chance to develop their creativity on their own terms. The hard and soft infrastructure here is designed to make new ideas flourish. We facilitate innovation.

Subtopia is involved in different projects ranging from circus productions, urban development and film support to commercial events. Our main focus is on contemporary Circus, film production and urban art but the organizations within Subtopia work with a diversity of art forms including music, theatre, dance, public art, mask making and more.

Subtopia is the core catalyst in Botkyrka municipality’s commitment to the arts and entertainment industry. Subtopia is a part of the municipally owned company Upplev Botkyrka AB.

Our Approach

The Subtopia organisation is working strategically to foster innovation and creativity based on the Quadro Helix method, which entails the four sectors culture, business, education-research and social engagement to collaborate. This create the conditions needed for people, ideas and organisations to develop sustainably. These four sectors are the building blocks involved in Subtopia’s projects and collaborations, as well as in our daily work. Amateurs, professional talents and excellence join forces at Subtopia and in the projects we work with. Letting them inspire one another and cross-fertilise one another’s ideas helps make Subtopia such a dynamic meeting place.


Photo Björn Babba Callius