The Subtopia Wall

The Subtopia Wall is a 70 metres long wall dedicated to large scale art. It is opened on request.

Photo Christina Lagersson

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From July 1 2015 The Big Subtopia Wall will only be opened on request. This means that the wall can be used on both weekdays and weekends, if the area if not already booked. Subtopia’s organisations and businesses as well as members of Graffitifrämjandet (membership issued by Riksteatern) may use The Subtopia Wall without any fee.

The Small Subtopia Wall on Rotemannavägen 10 is open around the clock from 4 of July to 8 of August. The rest of the year the small Subtopia Wall is open on weekends.

Contact for Request

  • kontakt_medarbetare_emelieenvall

    Emelie Envall

    Guest Show Producer and Executive Producer
    +46 8-599 07 574
    +46 73 – 960 70 74

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