100% Circus

Step by step, they build up the audience's belief that the impossible is possible.
Photo Petter Hellman

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100% CIRCUS – 18, 19, 25 and 26 March

Is breathing an absolute necessity? Is it possible to hang from your own hair? 100% Circus push their skills to the very limits of possibility. Accompanied by Mongolian guttural chanting and hula-dancers, this unusual duo performs daredevil acrobatics, including a Chinese pole act, in a show brimming with friendship and humour. Julien and Mikkel turn all our preconceptions inside out in this family show featuring unexpected circus experiments.

Café and Try-It-Yourself Laboratory

After the show, the foyer will be transformed into a laboratory where the members of the audience are free to challenge their curiosity. The café will be open before and after the show, and have coffee, hearty soup, and hotdogs on offer.

About the company

100% Circus members Mikkel Hobitz (6’4″, 187 lb) and Julien Auger (5’6″, 126 lb) describe themselves as a Swiss army knife. Their multidisciplinary tricks involve a mixture of acrobatics, juggling, Chinese pole, and perch. They are also musicians. They graduated from DOCH (the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm) in the spring of 2012, and have been touring the world with various circus companies since then.

Mikkel Hobitz on 100% Circus:
I’ve known Julien since we were at the University of Dance, and he’s the natural flyer really – he’s both light and strong. We thought it would be fun to do things the other way round, giving him the role of base and using myself as the flyer, even though I weigh 60 lbs more than he does. We started from there, and we’ve simply continued to challenge the laws of physics ever since.